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Coming in hot while the days of the month are still in single digits. It’s a question of “art”.

Not-So Abandoned // PigeonCindy

so beautiful sun

An affinity for Pokemon does not have to include an all-permeating degeneracy or preclude great works. The so called “Pigeon Cindy” has 2 of these at least. Check out these colours, the sky and cloud studies are simply great. Probably owing to her main focus in backgrounds. Many of her things look like conceptual art for a big budget animated film by popular studio, that could be a compliment, but that’s not her most interesting stuff.

Yes, there are beautifully dense scenes available. In SKUs of illustration or painting style. Even actual paintings with real life medium. Not much in the way of especially cool characters or animals, but clearly adept with everything else. This is cool.

big blue sky

She kindly offers some extra insights on her Twitter page, with some line arts and progression images, as well as further anecdotal information. Some of these renderings are created using “Heavy Paint” which has been popular enough to reach my unwashed social feeds recently. Its a software solution for digi-painters that can make quickly beautiful work, often with a look reminiscent of popular real-world opaque medium, in the right hands.

You Are Not Invited // 032c

please open

Amongst the rubble I found this. Not the pill but pictures of it, probably saw it on Instagram. While likely saved for its colour and quaint presentation the real treat here is the novelty of function. I’m talking about the faux-pill dissolving invite to AREA club 1983. This widget seems to be part of the Warhol cinematic universe, so I’m inclined to dislike it.

drugs cool

This “032c” website that houses documentation on this trinket is so bad, some kind of “creatives” blog positioning itself as a religion stand-in for sexual deviants, the psychotropic reliant and the worlds (urban USA) spiritual progressives. You can see quite transparently on their blog that they are the self ordained endlings of the AIDS epoch. Their apparel store wares are imbued with infallible ethical cool thanks to their once per annum Native American art spotlight posts. I’m just joking around, they’re just hawking graphic tees.

More Digi-Paint // Angela Sung

street scene by angela

Another digital painter. Angela apparently more closely aligned, financially involved in fact, with major animation studio. I guess I came across this image while perusing the Twitter hashtag for popular aforementioned painting app “Heavy Paint”. It doesn’t really matter though. I think outside of some impeccable lighting these are not so interesting, however very technically impressive.

You have to wonder what they effect these popular animation movies have had on the artists of today, especially those who now make those movies. Is there some kind of endemic style recyclation? Are we seeing stagnation in a manner of sins of the father technological borne decisions made early leading to full adoption as intentional art flair? Something is off. There has to be room for immediately tangible novelty in between done-anew mimicry and high tech 3d expensive hyper-reality. Is it source film maker pronos?

chopper by angela

Sorry to Angela for using her as a canvas for my verbal stream of non concern or effect. She makes very beautiful works. Some of these have an interesting very present baked-in lens bending or perspective effect. Rather than seeing a distorted world in a purer “art” form, we are ostensibly simply seeing a conveniently distorted image to similar effect. The colours are routinely sugary, a lilac tint to be found in many of her renders.

blue lives matter by angela

I am happy to note once again there are some progress/lines available for some of the more detailed illustration. Extra insight. Brushes for sale too.