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It’s been awhile… since I couldn’t hold my head up high… and it’s been awhile… since I first saw you… yeah, that’s a little something from the epic band Staind. They don’t make them any-more. New blog design update is fundamentally done so I ought start posting. I’m going to do it big with a one week consecutive posts. I’ll try it. My bookmarks, or “favourites” as Edge refers to them, are becoming uncouth and rowdy.

Free SVG Images // woobro

Starting off with something stupid and easy to write about. Why’d I have this website saved? I saw a friend of mine using this content to decorate a website. The graphics are quite impressive, considering how much they cost, which is nothing. You can grab them as scalable vector graphics, in adobe illustrator or mac competitor SKETCH project files as well as good old big old PNGs.

woobros graphic

There isn’t a super wide selection, but they seem very useful to complement webdev-centric documents and sites. I am now going to download one of the .ai files and edit it. I have given away my e-mail for the oppurtunity to do so, how dissapointing. Anyway, watch this.

My version

Gerwald Claus-Brunner // Pirate Party DE

Gerwald ClausBrunner

This man is, or was, quite interesting. He really is one of the few people of this world that looks like a Hitman NPC come to life, a chef or butcher perhaps. Something very surreal about this guy. He was a, quite public, part of the “pirate party” of Germany. It’s a political party that exists in several european countries and is quite progressive, borne out of the advent of the information age. They argue for hyper-digitisation and open sourcing of the governmental system, but in practice are more effectual in a watered down form of data privacy and the like. If you ask me they tend a bit more towards globohomo.

CCTV Brunner

Our delegate in question just so happened to do a murder-suicide in 2016, killing an alleged gay lover before taking his own life. That’s why he’s a bit infamous. I asked a few German people I know and they said they had never heard of him, and one didn’t even know about the PIRATEN PARTEI. It is what it is. There’s some footage of him on a TV programme discussing politics on YouTube. His public position and fame supposedly contributed to his crime, as he was unable to deal with balancing his pirate mentality with his love life.

He had killed himself on Saturday evening, the day before the election. The victim was naked and bound to an upright trolley with zip ties. A police spokesman said detectives were following up leads that Claus-Brunner stalked and harassed the younger man before carrying out the fatal attack.

This guy apparently wasn’t always a real piece of work but he certainly dressed the part, he looked a bit lumbering too. Very interesting person to comprehend. His murder-suicide debacle seems to have dealt a blow to the party too, natürlich. I wonder if there’s more external factors to the story than is immediately presented.

Event 201 // Center for Health Security

The even to end all events

Event 201 was an event held in October 2019 (exactly a year ago from writing this post, very cool), where “high-powered international figures” gathered in a New York ballroom and took part in a game-like scenario of a worldwide pandemic. I’m sure throughout many previous calendar years there have been numerous events, of varying scope, that are held to bring about discussion and planning on potential catastrophic events, but we have to admit the scope and proximity of this event is a little concerning given the events that broke out not long after.

An anchor with the fictional Global News Network (GNN) set the scene. The imaginary Coronavirus, originally from pigs, was spreading fast throughout South America, causing a respiratory condition known as CAPS – similar to the real-life SARS and MERS outbreaks. The airborne disease was up to four times as lethal as the virus which killed 50-100 million in the 1918 flu pandemic – the last serious pandemic to hit. Chen Huang, the anchor, looked worried.

I’m not really willing to stretch knowledge of this event out into full blown theorizing and there’s not really a way for me to reconcile it with any of my existing paranoias in a powerful way, but what I can do is laugh a bit. In a Telegraph article I accessed, disabling JavaScript for the domain so I don’t have to pay, there’s so many quotes on the necessity for building an early but trustworthy knowledgebase, key words “clarity”, “disinformation” and “trusted source”, that make the fact the virus behind the current pandemic exploded out of China very sickeningly funny. In the article it says they simulated a pandemic (starting) in South America, which is believable, but given the assumption their information-based conclusions and keys are probably not new you have to wonder why they wouldn’t try out a simulation starting from somewhere like China for a more informative challenge.

Free plushie with every infection

To make matters worse it seems like Bill Gates was involved in the event, or at least his foundation was. I’m a big fan of Bill (“Think Hour” is based on his idea of a “Think Week”) but many people see his years of dabbling in healthcare industry, charity and research as potentially dastardly. He’s been beating the pandemic drum for years and as far as I can tell has more capital power than he could ever hope to expend, so to me this doesn’t come across as suspicious - what exactly is he to gain and how? Maybe he has launched a pandemic to turn himself into a saviour when he is behind a vaccine, securing a pardon for potential misdeeds with Jeffrey Epstein. I think it just makes the whole thing a little more funny, maybe I am wrong and will be micro-chipped shortly, however.


I think China made the plague on purpose and unleashed it because Donald Trump was pushing their shit in for the past couple years. The ancestrally communist government had no qualms about welding peoples doors shut to prevent the spread, so why not start it off organically on their own soil? Is it not a major lay-up and talking point for the china-quasi-endorsed Biden, while also not quite lethal enough to cause worldwide collapse? Moving on…