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Some people like art, some people call it pictures. Some people are just plagiators but it’s not about the person but the materialized works in the end. Time to enjoy…

Hard Surface Max Level // Sheng Lam

Blue Helmet

One of many artists who I would discredit/ignore under the envelope of “weaboo”, if not for distinguished excellence is probably this man Sheng Lam. I have several bits of work from him, a concept art freelance master who resides in Britain, mostly saved due to their beautiful use of blue and teal colours - the presence and isolation or enunciation of such colours will often double my enjoyment of a visual - but looking into it now I realize this artist didn’t come to my attention via cool “mecha” designs with pleasing minimal/schematic styling.

The man excels excellently in the realm of what I am feeling like calling “hard surface” stuff. Products, gadgets, computer devices and appliances would be something that you would find under this umbrella, and the umbrella has been manifested in my mind by the 3D modelling world, where there are for instance many extremely popular Blender plug-ins sold to bring about a toolset and interface conducive to strict and efficient focus of work on designing products and gadgetry with… hard surfaces. I think my first discovery of his work was from some of the highly pleasing renderings of CD players he has made. They’re so neat I have to wonder if they are actually just 3D renders with shading wizardry applied, or if at least he’s working from/over the top of some clean/simple 3D model groundwork.

Trash Can

This isn’t even the end of it, he further distinguishes himself with contextual cues and real world ties, turning what would otherwise be general decoration into segments of a broader fictional world themselves. This is so cool to me. One might write off some of these as being gimmicky (a camera concept as a physical manifestation of instagram isn’t all that inspired) but the guy is so prolific that you are bound to find something novel within his portfolio.

Cereal with Milk module

He has several sketches that transform organic/biological into mechanical/hard surface. I’m wondering if this might even be a good way to learn and improve ones rendering of biological forms if you come from a background of more polygonal work (or vice versa). Interesting thought. I like the way he simply blends two ideas together, whether it is the aforementioned organic/digital or the high-concept fiction with real-world nomenclature/things. His creation “ligmacream” is a full fledged ointment and applicator for memetic ailment “ligma” replete with directions and ingredients. You’ll struggle to find any of his work, fundamentally nice already, that doesn’t have a cool and interesting tie to something from the real world to accompany it.