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Sorting images files is probably the most laborious task of all time. Immediately vaulted to the top of the pack by the nature of analysing images. There’s no words, maybe a title, that provide some qualitative information unless you’re an autist with meta tags so you have to construct some mental methodology to apply each and every time to distribute them properly. Well, I guess it depends on the case, you might just want to sort by date, but most of the stuff I save has no real rhyme or reason and I save a lot. One of the hierarchies is dedicated to artists. I have fashioned my own personal gallery, for reference and enjoyment. I’m going to analyse some of the extant unsorted now.

Leol // Reoru

Hands Triangle

I caught a glimpse of this graphical generalist on twitter. Very excellent reel of his is highly retweeted on his twitter profile. Mostly motion graphics but some experiments in AR (or possibly just motion tracking compositing pre rendered) and with cinema4d. Pretty cool stuff.

Face Animate

Lots of his things tends closely to the very popular flat style, hires dithered/fuzzy gradients and low frame rate or jittery motion. I don’t know how to articulate it but it’s something you might find right on Adobe website to demonstrate their softwares. However, thanks to the breadth of his repertoire there are many cooler things that I really enjoy.


Side-note: What the hell is going on with these GIFs, very difficult to edit, might be a tumblr thing since that’s where I grabbed them from.

People of the 21st Century // Hans Eijkelboom

Hans Book

I am always a fan of the voyeuristic stuff, vicarious living stuff and CIA agent role-playing, I can see why this is cool immediately. The guy captures images of random members of the public who are wearing the same outfits or assuming the same form/behaviour like video game NPC, like WoW critters. There’s probably some very deep intended subtext and directives about how culture spreads or influence, vapidity in the new millenium and so on but I just find it fun to look at these photographs and thus these people.

Denim Men

A number of Eijkelboom’s mid-1970s photo projects, such as the aptly titled Identiteiten (Identities, 1973), presaged two defining features of the street photography that he is best known for, and which has preoccupied him since the early 1990s—his programmatic predilection for working in series on the one hand (a matter of form), and an almost exclusive focus on dress code on the other hand (a matter of content).


Yes, this is highly fascinating like many art can never be. I’m usually wary of any “art” or works with an unequal ratio of messaging/artifice to raw work/technique/skill, since such things are less impressive and transparent in their hackery. With that said, it’s not like a lot of work didn’t go into these portraits, sure the snapshots are simple and not especially contrived, but the matter of duration to organically “collect” these people must be significant. The kind of authorship it would be hard to teach a computer or force. We are receiving a double whammy of interesting temporal candid and patterning/connection, I like it a lot.

Weeb Watercolour // sseongryul


Check out the lighting on these images. Something unbelievable about it, hard to explain with not much knowledge of light behaviour, but the use of shadows and these high exposure/HDR zones of full-white make these extremely pleasurable to enjoy.

Hyper Reflect

I would usually avoid enjoying weaboo things, but these really separate themselves from the pack and thus from my giant messy folder containing manga/anime/weaboo style stuff wholesale style. It looks very watercolour-y to me. The reflections, along with the light, even remind me of hyper-realism artist like Ralph Goings. There is a wonderful aura created by applying such thought to lighting play while going for less realistic forms/overall wonky style.

Cat and Kid

Seong Ryul is SKorean. I don’t know much else, and I don’t want to entrust auto-translate with much. Extremely amazing work in my opinion. Some of the most pleasant stuff I have ever seen, but I don’t want to lay things on too thick. There are wonderful high resolution copies available on twitter.