This is a personal blog, please observe Think Hour for ad hoc quasi-diary writings and Big Ideas for my ratified longform items. I will see you there.


The sanctity of my Think Hour has been annihilated as evidenced by the recent drought in blog posts. I haven’t even managed to work on longer form posts, of which there are now even more possibilities. I’m going to to try to write short posts for a few days in a row, maybe a week. Definitely a week would be a nice achievement, so I will do that.

Timelapse segment.

I’m not really sure what I’m thinking about at this hour. I have some timelapse footage to edit, let there be a GIF above and below here - short ones I imagine, given the data contained in something as expensive as a super speed whole screen recording. I think I’m going to try and get this done or close to done before they day is out or at least before my eyes close.

Timelapse segment.

I was working on and fleshing out a submission for gradient descent but didn’t manage my time very well. Maybe I will rush something to a finish in the next few hours, but probably not knowing the ridiculous arbitrary criteria that must be met to make me satisfied that something is in finished state. Regardless, I need to reassemble some sanctity here, so let me have a look at some links and explore.

Renaming Files // ReNamer

I had an issue with the compilation of my time lapse screen-shots. I should have foreseen it and paid attention before generating many gigabytes of them, but the naming convention is important depending on how you will process them. For instance Adobe Premiere cannot parse them as a proper sequence in many cases, but you can make sure it will by adhering to a serialized four figure suffix.

Chronolapse saved the files with an unusual amalgamation of numbers after an initial name. I don’t really remember what, and I’m sure you can direct it to save how you please, but I didn’t and so to make everything work smoothly with Premiere (and forgoing trying out other programs to ingest the sequences) I had to rename the files.

ReNamer procedure

I came across the ReNamer program via a recommendation on some q&a help website. It’s free, to use personally, and offers a very intuitive interface. You can drag an entire folder of files into the window, and add blocks of decisions for replacing specific words, serializing and more. The set I put together worked perfectly, and it helps that the program previews how the new file name will appear (and be) alongside the listing of the old file name. Very cool bit of program.

Web Shipwright // Shapewright

I found a cool web app referenced in the info of a blender add-on that I ended up not purchasing. I found it very useful and it actually ended up being a crucial reference for something I made recently. Using what seem to be prefabricated segments, it will generate or piece together a ship based on a string/name entered.

The Steamboat

I typed in my “steamboat”, and got this. It’s probably one of the best ones I saw in terms of the simple form, with the front heavy, angled/separated dual engines, kind of like a pod racer from Star Wars or something, but not quite so absurd (obviously the app uses very primitive shapes/building blocks so you’ll have a hard time getting something too free form).

It seems like the ships remain the same for words, hence probably generated from some procedures on the string you give it.

I’m going to leave it here. // Leave it here.