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Cranking a post out on principle is the name of the game as it stands currently. Luckily there’s something interesting to comment on. Now I’m going to add this in as a header and end this prelude.

Timelapsing // Chronolapse

Chronolapse Capture 1

I’ve been meaning to create a work progress time-lapse for a while. I wasn’t sure of how best to do it - you could simply record your screen as you work, but would then end up with a very large file, even in the event of compression, and if it was recording directly to a .mp4 file I imagine if the program crashed, and things are liable to crash when using applications like Blender, then the whole thing would be lost or corrupt. Something I checked out initially was Cafe Recorder, which I was turned off of as it allegedly records directly to a video file, though the explanation is a bit vague. It’s also 10 USD, which is a decent chunk of money to spend just to see if you like the way something works.

Chronolapse Capture 2

Eventually I found an adjustable and well equipped desktop screenshot program called Chronolapse. Despite the version I grabbed being last updated in 2011, after downloading I found the program to work so well that I’ve simply been using it since. However I haven’t gotten around to tying up the shots into video yet, so can’t speak on how well it comes together in the end. I’ve captured batches of them to various folders with different settings though, so when I do get around to it I should have a decent amount of resources to go on, and a well informed judgement on the application. The application itself was free by the way.

Chronolapse Capture 3

The images here are taken from crops of the screen captures I’ve made so far. It’s really neat to look back on, capturing some interesting works in progress and decisions that were organically forgotten in pursuit of perfection. Instead of just being a nice byproduct to reap along with the goals of the work itself, this seems like it could be very useful, and I see myself doing this and referring to these captures more often than I had every thought I might. Chronolapse will also gladly capture across a multi-monitor set up, and so it’s cool to see what images, references and slackexchange questions I was referring to as I was working.

Chronolapse Capture 4

Just to finish, I should also note that I feel as though I recall Windows 10 having a built in screen recording feature, and that someone had recommended it to me. I’ll have to look at that at some point I guess. I remember trying it out at one point, but promptly grabbed Bandicam, which is somewhat telling of a judgement already made, though.