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enj0y net

There’s a new business card, virtual mode, on the net and it’s mine. Located at the “apex” domain this blog is subordinate to. Created using the Adobe Portfolio that was explored in the previous post. Pretty neat, but very much just a simple site generator with some potential tethers to Behance, which I haven’t set up.


So what is this then? We’ll see, I started it on Friday. I scribbled down a bunch of notes and a brief regarding a mini animated visual for shiftdelete, after making contact a couple months ago. We had some quick chats, but no fruit has been bore yet, so I figured I would initiate some pre-production and a plan for a small 10 second visual is now under-way. I will probably post more about it in longform after the fact or something. Also planned out work for graphic(s) to submit to Gradient Descent.

Dithered & Confused // Komiya Ma

fish cane

I might well cite this, because I believe it has been subconsciously influencing me. I had this one saved to my phone, artist calls it “fish cane” and it separates itself from any formulaic strict pixel and dither style not only with a more nuanced and entertaining approach to shading and detail, but also the (forgive my inability to find a correct word) rustic/arcane subject matter (inferred - I guess that’s the beauty of this, that it’s so simple and therefore hard to pinpoint why it is so evocative. extra mysterious).


I have been thinking about my late pet cat recently very vividly, I miss him.


I think I stumbled upon this artist via the whole “blockchain art” auction thing (SuperRare was the first example I came across). I need to read into it more, because it seems very interesting, but for now I’m happy to appreciate the art being created via the incentive it provides. There’s a big market for “virtual items” broadly, many kinds quite disgusting such as gacha game item/character, and of all the ones I have seen across this wide and diverse range I think these artworks (as a whole, not just this artist) are right up there. I could see myself amassing and being proud of a small collection if I ever read into it more and get involved.

blue one

The art really speaks for itself, the man has very much attained great mastery of the “pixel” art-style along fresh avenues. He is even kind enough to share his work process, which involves drafting sketches to work from. There’s further examples on his youtube and his instagram.

We have seen the NPC centric jokes and formula go around in all kinds of forms, often related to the elder scrolls series. I’ve yet to see anyone reference the “essential NPC” type, the kind that you can’t kill due to their importance in the story. A lame and unfunny example of someone in real life who is an “essential NPC” would be Teddy Roosevelt (see: assassination attempt of Teddy Roosevelt). I suppose this also ties into the Morrowind “with the death of… the line has been severed…” window format, which is the previous workaround for if the player tries (they can succeed in this case) to kill an important character.