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I’m about to try and enter beastmode during my think hour today. I had imagined there’d be more to these journal posts but I’m getting bogged down in recent bookmarkings and writing about them, and I’m hesitant (as ever) to document or discuss things I’m working on here, in spite of this being a decidedly private blog. I’m going to rip and tear through some of the smaller notes I have pooled, and see if I can’t make a dent in them, being conservative in how much I think.

Windows Vista Box Curve

Caught this tweet from the alleged “eartheater” on my twitter timeline last night. Memory served well in telling me those cool Win7 boxes were similar in form to the ones that housed Vista discs. This fits flush with my recollection of Win7 being a fast amelioration of the perceived wrongs of Vista in the public mind, a replacement. Anyway.

Win7 Box Tweet

In the searching I did to back up my recollections, I found that there seemed to be other big fans of this box design, to the point someone created a vast array of Vista-box replicas for other operating systems. There’s a range of other cool icon work on their page, spanning other Windows imagery. I don’t really have much to say about this oddity, but consider it documented.

Vista 95

Hands in Art // Westologist

Here’s an interesting article on the rendering and appearance of the human hand in art throughout history. It’s not highly in depth, but there’s some interesting points.

To go back even further, a hand marking in caves on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has recently been dated to about 40,000 years ago, suggesting that representing the hand was one of the first artistic impulses of Homo Sapiens.

There’s emphasis on the merging of scientific/technical perspective of the hand and artistic representation during the renaissance, famously exemplified by the polymath da Vinci. Further examples attempt to cover the incredible broad scope of all the time after this. I would say that it might have been worth making note of the modern usage of the hand in digital context, making computer interfaces intuitive - the skeuomorphism (would it be correct to call this that?) of a hand cursor when dragging something around on screen for example. Many would argue this is not “art” I guess, I just think it would be an interesting tangent to explore.

Hands by Escher

Vinalon // Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

There’s many books written by (proxy biographer?) expatriates of North Korea and their escape, with all kinds of details about the odd country. I’ve read my fair share of these, but only in the most recent one did I come upon a reference to the supposed “wonder fabric” native or originating in NK, used to produce stiff and rugged clothing for their people. Obviously the reality is that it was developed elsewhere and isn’t necessarily a superior alternative to a more common fiber like nylon, although it is cheaper.

Dear Leader inspecting Vinalon

There’s more to read here, but to avoid going any further in depth and out of my element I will just say my main taking to this topic is the simple idea of a country getting behind widespread use of such a fabric and working it into being part of its identity, mythologising it along the way. It’s kind of funny, or tragic, as is the case with many elements of NK. Does America tout nylon in such a way? Maybe I’ll look into it another day.

Sorting Bookmarks

Here’s some analysis of what I’m trying to work through in terms of the bookmarks side of notes I have, as it stands today in August 2020. The image below shows my “Dive” folder, which is what contains all these non-specific links to things I encountered and want to look into more. The intention behind “Quick” and “Deep” was originally to separate and house one-shot bookmarks to individual pages/stories/articles and more overarching bookmarks that are for websites or web apps that would have repeat use in finding inspiration or interesting stuff.

Bookmark Hierarchy

Unfortunately I seem to have gotten into a habit of tossing everything into the “Quick” folder, which accounts for 744 links right now. There’s also further issue in that there’s tangentially related folders for more useful bookmarks inside project folders elsewhere, as well as a “Fresh” folder for daily visit websites such as news and blogs. There’s some overlap there, with the “Deep” folder intention. If I had time, I would remap all of these into those two original categories and probably split the one-shot links into two groups of how much time I estimate I’d spend on them (not much or potentially a lot).

Quick Dive

For now I’m just going to work through the Quick folder as I’ve been doing, and I’ll re-organize the other folders that have a content of less than 50 links. Now that I’ve started a blog, which is intended to be a common outlet to put things “of note” that draw from all of the folders mentioned, I can look into merging them into a single hierarchy across the board, whether they’re daily visit links to news and blogs or things like wikipedia articles. I’m going to do that as soon as this post is published.