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Blog Refine 1: Planning

Plan for Refining of Web Log

What needed improvement and modification?

After using the Web Log and enjoying the activity for a couple of months after finishing my initial creation of a Web Log, several inefficiencies and insufficiencies in the site or “theme” have made themselves known to me, alongside ones relating to my own brain. I have tried to avoid modifying or learning much (I did add some extra styling with regard to headings, subheadings and quotes, as it was immediately necessary for readability of my posts) so that I can accrue some goals for a second wave of incubated work on the Web Blog.

My intention is to modify these simply in within my actual blog repository. It seems working on a “theme” was a good approach before I had no content to test with and around, but now it would make more sense to work within the blog and, if need be, I can simply remove the contents to establish the code itself as a theme. I will list my new goals now.

The overall look and feel of the website should remain, after these changes. They’re mostly intended to streamline the process of blogging and make the site more readable and usable. That is not to say there won’t be some visual changes and additions, it wouldn’t feel right otherwise. Since I only envisage these will be refinements of the current look, I think it is safe to approach that in an ad-hoc way, tweaking as I go. I want to make bold or emphasized text a similar teal-y colour to the rest of the site, but darker.

Once this is done, I would hope I can draw a line in the sand and try to package as a complete theme. I got ahead of myself thinking that I could package and share my theme very easily last time, and indeed probably in thinking the “theme” warranted it at that point with such fundamental changes needed. I don’t expect it to be a sought after theme, but I do seek to gain the experience in sharing it this way. Maybe this is all a separate task for another day, since I imagine there is lots of laborious work on testing and documentation.

Extra Additions & Jekyll/GH-Pages Possibilities

Aside from these fundamental refinements there are some other more abstract/forward looking thoughts I have to explore and references in kind. I will now do this now.

Alongside this I’ve got a battery of further Jekyll-powered GitHub-hosted websites/blogs to source from and reference, whether on a meta level or for their specific features. Instead of gathering references from across the board, I am now assured that I will remain Web Logging on GH-Pages with Jekyll, and can focus my pickings as such. Of course the GH/Jekyll centered facets of these sites isn’t my main focus, it could be applications of interesting styles or animation, but I think it’s a good limitation to put on my gathering.

Some quick takeaways here are that I really need to get into this JavaScript, and to hedge my bets I can simply utilize and test it for embedding if not (though perhaps alongside) for embellishment and definitely not as a fundamental construction material.

I’m still, perhaps ignorantly/stupidly/schizotypically, wary of using such none HTML features at least for this blog which is becoming very important to me, as I feel one day the CDNs will break apart and the Azure pools will overflow and we will be left with HTML 1.0. That or I’m going to get caught looking like I emotionally invested myself into Macromedia Flash and built a site fundamentally using it. Who am I kidding, I just need to learn and enjoy, but maintain the core spinal system of Web Log and pay heed to compatability conventions. Regardless, wouldn’t it be right to accept the potential future challenges catastrophe might bring, thus simultaneously coveting and laying roots in the now? Okay.

I feel now as though I have a bit more knowledge and confidence from these explorations and the planning. While I haven’t seen anyone be so verbose and making such record of fleeting and useless thoughts, I enjoy it and it helps me collect my thoughts excellently even if referring back will be wholly bad.